Ph.D student in Information Science, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, Current

M.S. in Cartology and GIS, Peking University, Beijing, 2015

B.S. in GIS, East China Normal University, Shanghai, 2012


Spatial Computing Research, Facebook, 2017.1 - 2019.1

Infrastructure data science contractor

Core Data Science, Facebook, 2018.5 - 2018.8

Data scientist intern

International Finance Corporation, World Bank, 2016.6 - 2017.5

Project: Extending the machine learning algorithms for poverty prediction

Big Data Lab, Baidu, 2015.3 - 2015.7

Project: Locating Ghost Cities in China

My Research

I have an interdisciplinary training background including geographic information science, computer science, and social network. My research topics include social network analysis, human mobility, computational social science, and social media.

In the news...

MIT Technology Review: Data Mining Reveals the Extent of China's Ghost Cities

Was elected as Best of 2015 by MIT Technology Review

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Vagabond Journey: Response to Peking University/ Baidu Ghost City Study

PRICENOMICS: Surveying the Ghost Cities of China

参考消息: 智能手机解开中国谜题:哪些城市是真正的“鬼城”

环球时报: 外媒:百度大数据揭示何为真正的“鬼城”

参考消息: 百度一项研究被《麻省理工科技评论》评为年度十佳

My Publications (My Google Scholar)

Joshua Blumenstock, Guanghua Chi, Xu Tan. "Migration and the Value of Social Networks". (in progress) [download]

Guanghua Chi, Joshua Blumenstock. "Predicting the success and failure of migration with population-scale network data". (NeurIPS '18), Workshop on Machine Learning for the Developing World. (2018)

Guanghua Chi, Yu Liu, Li Shi, Yong Gao. "Understanding the effects of administrative boundary in sampling spatially embedded networks". Physica A. (2016).[download]

Guanghua Chi, Zhengwei Wu, Yu Liu, Haishan Wu. "Ghost cities analysis based on positioning data in China." arXiv (2015).[download]

Guanghua Chi, Jean-Claude Thill, Daoqin Tong, Li Shi, and Yu Liu. "Uncovering regional characteristics from mobile phone data: A network science approach." Papers in Regional Science (2014).[download]

Yu Liu, Xi Liu, Song Gao, Li Gong, Chaogui Kang, Ye Zhi, Guanghua Chi, and Li Shi. "Social Sensing: A New Approach to Understanding Our Socioeconomic Environments." Annals of the Association of American Geographers (2015).[download]

Li Shi, Guanghua Chi, Xi Liu, and Yu Liu. "Human mobility patterns in different communities: a mobile phone data-based social network approach." Annals of GIS (2015).[download]

Li Shi, Lun Wu, Guanghua Chi, Yu Liu. "Geographical Impacts on Social Networks from Perspectives of Space and Place: An Empirical Study Using Mobile Phone Data". Journal of Geographical Systems (2016). [download]

Xinxiang Chen, Guanghua Chi, Guangqing Chi. "Do Airports Boost Economic Development by Attracting Talent? An Empirical Investigation at the Sub-county Level". Social Science Quarterly (2018) [download]

My Projects

Papers Using Mobile Phone Data

Many researches are based on mobile phone data. Where are these mobile phone data from?